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Best Low Cost Bulk SMS Service Provider in Dum Dum

Indian best Bulk SMS Service provider in Dum Dum. Texting is one of the most underrated but powerful marketing tools. Do you know that 98% of text is read within 4-5 minutes of sending message. This makes it one of the most productive, personal, and meaningful mediums of communication especially in the world of digital marketing. Our services allow our customers to login from any device they want, create their own messages in form of SMS, and send them to all their contacts. Now, We are handling lot of client as bulk SMS service provider in Dum Dum with delevering high priority sms route. If you find bulk sms service near me bhavitra is the most trusted brand name. Behind that reason we are the top company for bulk sms service provider in Dum Dum.

Affordable Bulk SMS Services in Dum Dum

We offer Low Cost Bulk SMS services located in Dum Dum. If you are finding good and trusted bulk SMS Company in Dum Dum, you can try our service. We also offer bulk sms API service at low cost but we offer high quality service with our hi speed dedicated hosting provider.

You can use it for sending coupons, notifications, announcements, discounts, and marketing alerts without any delays.

Most preferable Bulk SMS gateway services in Dum Dum

Bulk SMS Dum Dum

Send bulk sms messages with top bulk sms service provider in Dum Dum based in India at once. By best sms gateway services to promote your business to the enterprise world also with skyrocket your business promotion. Launching a successful campaign with csv message, conditional message is extremely easy now with access to database of your target audience’s recipient’s name, last name, city or birthday India most leading bulk sms company located in Dum Dum.

Features Bulk SMS Services provider at Dum Dum

  • Cheap rate Bulk sms in pan India
  • DND 100% refund on promotional service.
  • 100% delivery route.
  • Instant activation.
  • Real-time report.
  • User Reseller cloud Panel.
  • Multiple alphanumeric sender ID.
  • 8 Indian language support.

bulk sms service in kolkata

Most Trusted Bulk SMS Gateway in Dum Dum

We are the Premium Bulk SMS Company located in Dum Dum offers 100% delivery services.We empower our client to send and receive message through our cloud based bulk sms app. Today a person spends 5-6 hours in phone so bulk sms service becomes a effective ,cheap and smart way . Through our Bulk SMS gateway can send large volume of bulk sms across india and worldwide. Bulk SMS gateway provider in Dum Dum, India to help you to bring local leads for your business. Our Bulk SMS service is very easy ,reliable and user-friendly.

Reliable Bulk SMS Company in Dum Dum

Our Bulk SMS service is very easy ,reliable and user-friendly. We provide the best prmotional sms  and transactional   sms service to skyrocket your sales.We configure the best route for your bulk sms campaign either promotional sms or transactional sms. Our bulk sms service in dum dum is the best effective and most affordable way to reach your customers.

Promotional Bulk SMS service in Dum Dum, India

Promotional Bulk SMS services is the easiest and fastest way to connect with the clients at Dum Dum. In this modern mobile revolution it is very much important to keep up with the latest technologies . Bulk SMS service via promotional way is the easiest ,reliable way to convey offers among the group.According to the latest report 28% of the users respond through bulk sms . This type of Bulk SMS campaign is used by various industries like media ,NGO,Ecommerce ,Govt ,Entertainment ,Real Estates and Enterprises . Promotional Bulk SMS is generally use to send various offer ,discounts or any promotion between 9am to 9pm(as per TRAI ). The messages are sent to Non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers in seconds.

Promotional Bulk SMS in Kolkata

Transactional Bulk Sms in Kolkata

We recommend the  transactional sms are for sending focal information like OTP,alerts,generic and critical data etc to your registered valuable clients. Though it cant be used as any means of marketing or promotion of your brand. Messages can be sent 24*7  with  your 6 digit senderID. Our Transactional SMS gateway guarantees fast delivery for your campaign. The biggest advantage of transactional sms are it can be sent to DND numbers. We being the best bulk sms service provider in dumdum knows the importance of your sms campaign .

Our Bulk SMS API is the code which enpowers you to send it from your software or website. Before that ,one has to integrate in your business software or website. We , being the best bulk sms service provider in dumdum will provide  you HTTP and XML API code along with  sample reference  for developer.The developer can refer the code and integrate with the software.

Bulk SMS API Services in Kolkata

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