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Benefits Of Use Bulk SMS Services

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In today’s era of exponential advancements in the Internet and mobile technologies, every organization is brushing up their respective marketing strategies to stay abreast of the competition. With the introduction of mobile phones, most companies have made their services accessible via mobile devices. Amongst several mobile-focused marketing strategies claiming fame, bulk SMS services in Kolkata deserve a prominent mention. Our bulk SMS server backbone with a high-speed SSD web hosting server. It makes your bulk SMS promotion with instant delivery to your customers.

From maximizing an organization’s sales to fostering customer retention and expanding its ability to reach out to more people, the benefits of promotional SMS services are galore.

Wondering why is bulk SMS making such great strides across the globe? In the following excerpt, we have dug out some of the biggest advantages of counting on bulk SMS service providers in Kolkata. 

Customer Engagement high-speed bulk SMS–

According to the best bulk SMS service providers in Kolkata, most consumers tend to read an SMS within two to three minutes of receiving it. Being a millennial entrepreneur, you must seize the benefits of such high engagement. Do something off-beat for the subscribers, which they have not received yet. For instance, if you sell cakes then make sure to send out a lucrative discount code for your mobile subscribers and thus garner oodles of appreciation from them. When it’s about providing an impressive offer, your main motif is simple – to remind the consumers of the advantages of being a mobile subscriber.

Open Rates bulk sms–

Most of the SMS text messages are accessed and read by the recipients within five seconds or even less. There’s no denying the fact that almost twenty percent of emails are actually opened and read within the average time span of forty-eight hours. Hence, if you are looking to ensure that your messages are seen or read by your targeted audiences within a comparatively shorter span of time, then choosing promotional SMS services in Kolkata should be your top priority.

Flexibility and Speed SMS solution–

Every business should be able to respond to the fluidity of today’s business world mainly because adaptability and flexibility are important to tap into the swiftly evolving marketing scenarios. Thanks to the zero lead time in promotional bulk SMS marketing, different campaigns could be delivered to their intended audiences in just a matter of minutes. This could be used to drive a huge footfall on a slow day ahead of the latest deliveries. With the help of bulk SMS services, businesses can react to different events of the day or potential consumers in an instant.

Low-Cost bulk SMS with a High ROI –

Television commercials, tabloid advertisements, and almost every form of outdoor ads are a lot more cost-effective for businesses of small to medium sizes. On the other hand, bulk SMS marketing can run costs where different campaigns could be launched and executed for a small fraction of expenses related to more conventional marketing methods. This is undoubtedly an effective way of contacting a cluster of consumers within an incredibly shorter period sans costing a bomb.

Personalized bulk SMS services–

Being a leading web designer company in India, Bhavitra Technologies' Bulk SMS messaging system can be able to personalized for the recipients and rendered to them within a few seconds. They can be personalized as per a consumer’s previous buying demographics and behaviors.  They can be individually sculpted as well as location-based on different regions or stores of different countries. To get this level of personalization through other forms of marketing would invariably be an expensive affair. However, with promotional SMS services in Kolkata, it can be accomplished without breaking the bank. It will have a long-lasting impression on the recipients as well.

In a Nutshell –

Before counting on transitional SMS services, it’s important to understand that the click-through rates for SMS are always double. Hence, the importance of churning out relevant messages is paramount.  Only a relevant text message will help you drive a high conversion rate. Ensure that you let your consumers understand what they are required to do subsequently. For example, if the consumers need to rummage through your website to gather more information, then add a precise hyperlink so they can get there instantly.

Being a result-yielding marketing channel,  Bhavitra Technologies bulk messages can help you stay afloat in a competitive market, which is highly mobile-driven. If you are looking to take your business to the crescendo of success, then getting in touch with the professional transitional SMS service providers in Kolkata should be your priority topper



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